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K Beauty Institute is the first beauty institute registered in Hong Kong to become a cosmetology organization member of IFBC (The International Federation of Beauty Culturist). IFBC is a leading international organization which receives support from Korean government to contribute to the development of the latest beauty techniques. K Beauty Institute is accredited by IFBC as an internationally ISO-certified educational institution and was the first branch established in Hong Kong by KSH Korean Beauty Education Center.

Our Korean semi-permanent makeup course is taught by our professional and well- qualified instructors. We assist students to quickly master Korean professional techniques of semi-permanent makeup (including colouring of eyebrows, eyelines, lips, scalp and hairline). We also teach advanced medical semi-permanent makeup techniques for the areola and scar area. Moreover, we offer professional courses about skincare skills, hoping to provide all-round trainings to students. K Beauty Institute is passionate to assist students get professional qualifications in the most efficient way, thereby students could become specialists in the semi-permanent makeup field.

Introduction of Professional Instructors

Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup Professional Diploma Course

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【January Newsletter】K Beauty promises to bring the best semi-permanent makeup procedures for 2021!

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Our dear customer:

🆕The new year has arrived! We here at K Beauty would like to wish you Happy New Years and hope that you can stay healthy and thrive in the coming year. 🎉We are going to continue our offers and discounts on our semi-permanent and medical beauty procedures to help you stay young and elegant everyday for the coming year. ✨Our signature Pico Laser treatment has been loved many of our old and new clients alike with its superior results in eliminating dark spots and discolourations.

PICO Genisis™ is a skin revitalization therapy which utilize 1064nm and 532nm wavelengths to match Asian skin type. It is more penetrative compared to 755nm, allowing it to effectively remove freckles and reduce treatment frequency. The 1064nm wavelength also greatly reduces the chances of hypo-pigmentation and hyper-pigmentation.

《Features of the enLIGHTEN Pico Laser》

✔ FDA Approved|Enlighten’s Newest Version of the Pico Laser *Genesis(SR)
✔ Satisfying results just after one single session
✔ Reducing the number of sessions required
✔ Effective at eliminating discolorations
✔ Minimise uneven skin texture
✔ Reducing wrinkling
✔ Shrinking pores
✔ Whitening and softening skin
✔ Greatly reduce the chance of post-treatment discoloration
✔ Safer than other traditional laser treamtents

enLIGHTEN Pico Genesis is developed and manufactured by CUTERA which is a US listed company specialising in laser equipment. Many of their products have been approved by the FDA. Customers can choose from one of the 3 following treatments.
1️⃣ Comprehensive whitening (Focusing on removing excess melanin, eliminating all types of hyper-pigmentation: Hormonal hyperpigmentation, freckles, chloasma, sunburn spots, etc).
2️⃣ Comprehensive skin rejuvenation (Focusing on removing yellow, red or gray discolourations. resulting in a more even skin tone while shrinking pores.
3️⃣ Removing pimple marks and minimising uneven skin textures.


HK$1,680 for one.(Original price: HK$2,400)

【Warts often grow on the arms and the neck! Check early to avoid complications!】

《Wart is contagious, get it removed ASAP!》

Wart is an infectious dermatitis caused by HPV infecting the surface of the skin. The virus forms little black circle spots on the surface of the skin, which is often not itchy or painful at all. However, it could spread all over the body once you have got one wart on the face, or even infecting your family members! Therefore, in order to safeguard the health of your beloved, get the warts removed immediately once you noticed its existence on your face or body!🤢

《Warts removal could be claimed under the medical insurance!》

The warts removal treatment in K BEAUTY clinic is applicable to the majority of medical insurance including minor surgery and company insurance. It is entirely conducted by our doctor, which is a safety guarantee!
1️⃣ Check if the purchased medical insurance covers minor surgeries and compensation?
2️⃣ Bring the insurance claim form in advance to allow our doctor to fill in for you;
3️⃣ Submit the form along with the doctor’s receipt to the insurance company.

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K Beauty is pleased to introduce Ms. Annie Leung, Founder and CEO of CEO mindpower Ltd, who is also the business consultant of K Beauty. In 2020, through the Exceptional Customer Value certification programme conducted by Annie, K Beauty achieved exceptional business growth amid COVID19 and continued to deliver Exceptional Customer Value to you.

Annie’s clients cover 17 industries including Dior, Shiseido & HSBC. Now, you can also benefit from Annie’s insights to achieve personal and business breakthrough through her free webinar. Find out how you can apply 3 simple steps to enhance your own Exceptional Personal Value in 2021:

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【Cozy Kitchen Episode.05】

Kids love to eat crunchy foods. This month round, Janey is sharing her Corn Hash Brown recipe which is perfect for younger children. This Corn Hash Brown recipe does not require any deep frying and only 3 main ingredients which are potatoes, corn and eggs. Just pan frying the mixture and it will be complete. It also much less heaty compared to deep fried hash browns. One or two pieces of this is the perfect for an afternoon snack!

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【Instructor Janey’s Dermatoglyphics Course】

We have just started our regular lessons again and many people have inquired about IGI’s Dermatoglyphics Course. Starting from today, you can apply for the course. It will help you better understand yourself as well as your family, significant other or business partners. It can also help improve your communication and mutual understanding.

📅Date:14 January, 2021 (Thursday)
🕖Time:2pm – 4pm(Total 2 hours)
📅Date:20 January, 2021 (Wednesday)
🕖Time:7pm – 9pm(Total 2 hours)
🏫Location:Room 503-505, Grandmark, 10 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui(MTR Tsim Sha Tsui Exit B1)
💰Course Fee:$680(Limited to 7 people)

Students can receive a free dermatoglyphics consultation with our celebrity specialist Rose Chan. (Valued at $800) Course is taught by celebrity specialist Rose Chan and international dermatoglyphics specialist Janey Chau.

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