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K Beauty Institute is the first beauty institute registered in Hong Kong to become a cosmetology organization member of IFBC (The International Federation of Beauty Culturist). IFBC is a leading international organization which receives support from Korean government to contribute to the development of the latest beauty techniques. K Beauty Institute is accredited by IFBC as an internationally ISO-certified educational institution and was the first branch established in Hong Kong by KSH Korean Beauty Education Center.

Our Korean semi-permanent makeup course is taught by our professional and well- qualified instructors. We assist students to quickly master Korean professional techniques of semi-permanent makeup (including colouring of eyebrows, eyelines, lips, scalp and hairline). We also teach advanced medical semi-permanent makeup techniques for the areola and scar area. Moreover, we offer professional courses about skincare skills, hoping to provide all-round trainings to students. K Beauty Institute is passionate to assist students get professional qualifications in the most efficient way, thereby students could become specialists in the semi-permanent makeup field.

Introduction of Professional Instructors

Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup Professional Diploma Course

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【September Newsletter】K Beauty🍂 Semi-Permanent Makeup Autumn Offers‼️

Dear Customer,

As autumn is reaching, K BEAUTY has several September semi-permanent makeup offers for you to maintain your beauty! Apart from that, international model Samantha Staynings visited K Beauty earlier on for semi-permanent makeup treatments performed by Director Joi and Ms Janey. Samantha added remarks that the effect of the done treatments is super natural!

As an international model, it is a must to put on full makeup when attending big events or taking photoshoots. Sadly, her prolonged high-low brows caused her extra effort to draw her brows, which is very time-consuming.

“4D Combo Brow” emphasises on a natural and naked look, lifting your elegance onto a new level — Samantha’s profound facial features have been even more exquisite after putting on the “4D Combo Brow”!

Samantha’s 4D Combo brow treatment was conducted by Director Joi, whereas Janey performed the 3D eyeliner treatment on her.

Let’s listen to what Samantha shares after receiving our treatments!

【September Autumn Semi-permanent Makeup Offer】

Not only is semi-permanent makeup a no-brainer for women who care about their appearances, it is also the perfect solution for busy women- what a time-saver that adds automatic glamour at work! In September, K Beauty continues to launch semi-permanent makeup offers and discounts!

1️⃣ 10% off upon choosing 1 item;
2️⃣ 15% off upon choosing 2 or more items;

【Remove warts ASAP, avoid infecting your family】

The warts removal treatment in K BEAUTY clinic is entirely conducted by doctors, which is guaranteed to be safe and assuring.

《Wart is contagious, get it removed ASAP!》
Wart is an infectious dermatitis caused by HPV infecting the surface of the skin. The virus forms little black circle spots on the surface of the skin, which is often not itchy or painful at all. However, it could spread all over the body once you have got one wart on the face, or even infecting your family members! Therefore, in order to safeguard the health of your beloved, get the warts removed immediately once you noticed its existence on your face or body!🤢
《Warts removal could be claimed under the medical insurance!》
The warts removal treatment in K BEAUTY clinic is applicable to the majority of medical insurance including minor surgery and company insurance. It is entirely conducted by our doctor, which is a safety guarantee!
1️⃣ Check if the purchased medical insurance covers minor surgeries and compensation?
2️⃣ Bring the insurance claim form in advance to allow our doctor to fill in for you;
3️⃣ Submit the form along with the doctor’s receipt to the insurance company.

For warts removal discount query, do not hesitate to contact K BEAUTY!

【Ms Janey shooting videos on how she cooks bento food invented 10 years ago】

Due to the pandemic, K Beauty Medical Group was closed for a period of time. Nonetheless, the life of Ms. Janely Chau 珍妮 👩🏻‍🏫has never been put on halt – As early as in 10 years ago, Ms Janey published a book namely “Cozy Kitchen – Bento ” to introduce on the meals that she prepared for her kids’ 👦🏻👧🏻 lunch, so that moms👩🏻 could have more idea on what to cook for their children. This time, Ms Janey replicated classic dishes in the book in a video format! No matter in terms of the cooking method or the ingredients🥦🥕, they are handy to follow as Ms Janey hopes that the scrumptious food could be prepared in the most convenient way for the lovely kids! Please support Ms Janey so that she could be more motivated to film more chapters on Cozy Kitchen🍱!

Click to watch the video!

【Other offers and discounts】

You could enjoy the following extra offers upon showing your phone on liking the K Beauty Medical GroupK Beauty Institute Fan pages on Facebook.

1️⃣ Free anti-virus gift pack x 1 upon $5,000 purchase;
2️⃣ Free anti-virus gift pack and a free Whitening and spots removal treatment (valued $4,000);

📍Instilling immediate energy to your skin, evening out skin tones and tightening your skin by closing the pores;
📍Instilling immediate energy to your skin, evening out skin tones and tightening your skin by closing the pores

📌Terms and conditions Each person could only participate once.
.Customers should show their liked pages on phone as proof while checking the bills.
.Recipients could choose to have their gifts delivered or come to collect at K BEAUTY.
.K BEAUTY MEDICAL GROUP reserves the right for final decision.

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