• Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup Professional Diploma Course

    The Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup Professional Diploma Course at K Beauty Institute is taught by experienced Korean teachers in variety of classes. The classes are instructed through Korean language with Cantonese interpretation. The course content includes:
    • Dermatology
    • Semi-permanent makeup theory
    • Color matching theory
    • Korean Embo eyebrow, natural eyebrow, pastel eyebrow
    • Natural eyeline techniques
    • Soft and red lip / coloring of lip
    • Correcting the color and design of tattooed eyebrow
    • Hairline coloring techniques
    • MTS Foundation techniques
    • Eyelash and eyebrow techniques
    * Plus 10 hours of hands-on practices with Korea’s instructor Jessica Kim (one-on-one guide) to take care of students’ learning progress
    *Provide 4 hours class of MTS Foundation techniques and Eyelash techniques
    >42 class hours in total
    This course is suitable for semi-permanent makeup beginners or semi-permanent makeup practitioners for skill-enhancing. Students can quickly master the techniques of semi-permanent makeup. Upon completion of the course, one IFBC Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup Certificate and one K Beauty Institute Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup Certificate will be given to graduating students respectively. Thereafter, students can apply for semi-permanent makeup diploma of KSH Korea Beauty Education Center.

  • Professional Courses of Skincare

    In addition, we provide professional courses of skincare and skin management so that trainees can consolidate their beauty knowledge. Through this course, students can learn about classification of skin types, facial treatment, eyebrow modification, principles and skills of neck and shoulder massages, as well as master the correct and professional operation skills of equipment. Thereby, students can provide clients with excellent beauty services.