【August Newsletter】International Model “Buy Time” Promotion! Sneak peak at K Beauty’s newest advertisement!

For the past 3 years, International Model Angie Ng has continued stay with K Beauty for her Semi-Permanent Makeup, to help her Buy Time and keep on looking natural.

Starting from 2017, international model Angie Ng has chosen K Beauty as her go-to place for semi-permanent makeup.  After graduating with a law degree in the UK, she started her full time modelling career.  Throughout her modelling career, she has to change into many styles and brows makeup is important to the overall appearance.  Given that her brows are relatively sparse, she would usually spend a long time drawing her brows makeup.  That is why getting natural looking semi-permanent brow done by Instructor Joi save Angie from all the hassle of doing it herself

Angie has a busy life as a mother  ; besides being a model , she has to take care of her baby son, and  she is also a boxing coach . She constantly needs to keep up with her various roles in life.  Hence to save time on makeup she has chosen semi-permanent makeup which truly helps Angie BUY TIME.

【$5,000 Consumption Voucher is applicable to all of K Beauty’s services】

Starting from 1st August, the electronic consumption voucher will be given out.
The consumption vouchers will be applicable to all of K Beauty’s semi-permanent makeup services and medical beauty treatments.

K Beauty accepts AlipayHK, WeChat Pay HK and Tap & Go.

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【Self Care with Pink Glow】

Women not only have to have to care about their makeup, even their areola and private areas need to be kept pink and revitalised. K Beauty’s pink areola treatment can help you change the tone of your areola, to help return the pink glow and boost your confidence.

Original Price $4,000/ 1 session
Offer Price $2,800/ 1 session
➡️50% lightening in just 1 treatment session
➡️Get 10% off for two sessions

【Insurance Claimable Wart Removal!】

Sometimes when you feel or see brown spots on your neck, its best that you get them checked as there is a high chance that it would be warts. 

《Warts are transmittable and should be removed ASAP》
Warts are a transmittable skin disease which is caused by the HPV virus. Warts usually come in the form of many small dots, most of which are not itchy or painful. They normally look like just a small bulge or black dot, but after you get one on your face, it can quick spread to your whole face or even to the rest of your money. If not taken care of properly, you might even infect your nearby friends and family. So if you have warts on your face or body, do deal with it as soon as possible to protect not only yourself but also the people around you.🤢

《Wart Removal is claimable by medical insurance》
K BEAUTY’s Wart Removal procedure is a claimable expense for most medical insurance (Under minor clinical surgery or company insurance)  The whole process will be conducted by a doctor to ensure that our customers are safe and relaxed during the whole process.

1️⃣Please first check if your current medical insurance covers minor surgeries in clinics
2️⃣Please also bring a claim form for the doctor to fill out
3️⃣Bring the claim form and the receipt to claim insurance

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【Introductory Nutrition Class】

Supplements have been a trend in recent times with more people being more aware of its benefits and importance. Knowing what nutrients are required but might not be readily available in the food you eat could make a difference in your health and wellbeing. Do you know what nutrients you body needs? How much of each nutrient is enough?

K Beauty is honoured to be able to host our “Introductory Nutrition Class” with our professional nutritionist. Instructor Janey and the staff at K Beauty has already experienced the class first hand and has gained a much deeper understanding of each persons nutritional needs as well as many other scientific concepts in nutrition. Instructor Janey has always been taking supplements and after the class, she found out some of the brands she has been taking are providing excessive nutrients. Having excess nutrients might even be harmful in some contexts. If you want to learn more, come join our 4 day nutrition class!

Dates: 7th, 14th of August and 4th, 11th of September
Time: 3pm to 6pm
Fee: $1,680 per person

《Introductory Nutrition Class” Course Content》
1. Basics of Nutrition
– Importance of Nutrition
– Macro and Micro nutrients
– Nutrition labeling

2. Supplements
– Definition of supplements
– Benefits of supplements
– Safe use of supplements
– Common uses of supplements
– New trends in supplements

3. How to utilize supplements in an effective way
– Analyzing supplements and its use
– Supplement combinations for different health problems

4. How to choose your own supplements
– Different channels for buying supplements
– Searching for quality supplements
– New scientific way of creating your own supplement combination.

【Joi’s first dance music album, profits will be used to grow trees】

Instructor Joi’s latest piece “Tony Montana” has been chosen by Fufu Records to represent Hong Kong. All the profits from this record will be donated to the One Tree Planted foundation to help plant more frees. It is an honour for Instructor Joi to be able to contribute in such a way and we hope that you can all support Instructor Joi and the One Tree Planted foundation as well.

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❗Our popular dermatoglyphics class, loved by all mothers❗

As a parent, you would always want to your kids to be smart 📖 with a wide variety of interests and hobbies ⚽🎹. Our experience with handling numerous parents and children has taught us that if a child is talented in his/her area of interest, it would be easy for the child to stay active in that respective area. Therefore, discovering a child’s inborn talent is key. Dermatoglyphics is a combination of Genetics, Neuroscience, Psychology and Statistics. It utilises fingerprint patterns to understand a child’s inborn talents, personalities and learning styles. This allows us as parents to provide a better environment and aid the healthy and holistic development for our children. 😎✌🏻

📅Date: 18th August (Wednesday)
🕖Time: 7pm – 9pm (2 hours)
📅Date:25th August (Wednesday)
🕖Time: 2pm – 4pm (2 hours)
🏫Address: Room 503-505, 5/F, Grandmark, 10 Granville Rd, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong
💰Course Fee:$680 (7 people max)

Participants can receive a free 15min speed fingerprint reading by our very own celebrity Dermatoglyphics specialist Rose Chan/Rosewoon (Valued at $800)
Classes 👩🏻‍🏫 will be taught by celebrity Dermatoglyphics specialist Rose Chan and our experienced international talent and dermatoglyphics analyst Janey Chau.

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