【April Newsletter】Ms. Janey shares her experience with Botox📹must watch for people who want to keep young!

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Dear Customers:

April is here and we have lots of good news and new promotions to share with you all. First we would like to congratulate Instructor Joi for having his Dance music being recognized by a German record company and his CDs are coming out soon. You can click in the link below to have a listen!

《Congratulations to Instructor Joi for his new record》
Receive a free CD for every treatment with Instructor Joi
*Gift are subject to a first-come-first-served basis while stocks last*

Most people who know Instructor Joi know that he is the designated star level semi-permanent makeup specialist for many celebrities, artists and professionals. But due to his relatively humble nature, not many people know that he used to be a singer and a comic artist back in the 90s. Although Instructor Joi has retired from the entertainment scene, he has always had a special passion for the arts. Not only does he love singing, drawing and dancing, even after his singing career, he has continued to compose many pieces. At last, his music was recognised by a German record company and they have helped him release his first dance record, thus completing one of Instructor’s Joi dream.

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【K Beauty Institute has successful been Certified as one of TQUK’s partner academies】
Certificate level is equal to the UK’s A Levels.

K Beauty Institute has been accredited as an International ISO certified educational centre by the IFBC. It is also the first Hong Kong branch school of Korea’s KSH Korean Beauty Education Centre. The goals for us is to help students attain international qualifications in the semi-permanent makeup field and become a well certified and recognized semi-permanent makeup specialist. K Beauty Institute has recently been certified as a TQUK approved learning center. Our TQUK courses are at the same level to UK’s A Levels’ exams. This makes the qualifications more accepted internationally and will definitely help you develop your career abroad.

What sort of certification organization is TQUK?
Training Qualifications UK is one of the top 10 Awarding organizations in the UK and is supervised by UK Government’s Ofqual (Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation). TQUK is headquartered in Manchester and is currently cooperating with over 600 different parties across 50 different countries including learning centers, universities, professional academies and international corporations.

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【Makeupless Trio Offer】

🏆From K Beauty’s Director of Semi-permanent Makeup🏆
Before the treatment, we will first understand your semi-permanent makeup needs. Then we will carefully explain the process of the whole treatment and key points to pay attention to. After that, we will draft a brow design specifically for you and after confirming we will continue on to the colouring.

1️⃣Makeupless Duo✨(Brows and Eyeliner)
➡️Korean Powdered Brows + Invisible Eyeliner
📍Include one retouch for the brows within 12 months

2️⃣Semi-permanent Lips💋
📍1 times colouring
📍Improve your natural look without makeup
📍Correct the inborn dark pigmentations of the lips

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【K Beauty has been invited as a judges for the IICE Beauty Talent International competition】

K Beauty Institute’s three star instructors including Janey ChauJoi Lau and Javier have been invited as judges for IICE Beauty Talent International Competition to help grade the pieces from specialist around the world. This year’s competition includes microblading, makeup, beauty treatments and many other areas. This will also be a great experience to see the works of specialists from around the world to improve our own abilities as well as share tips with each other to further the whole beauty industry as a whole.

The organisers have also invite Instructor Janey and Instructor Joi as one of the Chief Judges for the competition to help judge the professionalism of everyone’s work.

【Janey’s Sharing】
Stick to cerebral dermatology for 7 years!

“Been in beauty industry for over 20 years and I do know quite a lot of people in the field. Many of my friends know what when I start working, I really cannot stop because my brain just won’t stop thinking. Aside from our beauty business, I have always developed businesses in other areas. Dermatoglyphics is an area that I will develop give up on and it is the area that I would like to share with everyone the most. This is because it has helped me develop with the people around me including my kids, family, colleagues, friends, parents, etc (Many many many more)”

3 Steps to Achieve Personal & Business Breakthrough in 2021

K Beauty is pleased to introduce Ms Annie Leung, Founder and CEO of CEO mindpower Ltd, who is also the business consultant of K Beauty. In 2020, through the Exceptional Customer Value certification programme conducted by Annie, K Beauty achieved exceptional business growth amid COVID19 and continued to deliver Exceptional Customer Value to you.

Annie’s clients cover 17 industries including Dior, Shiseido & HSBC. Now, you can also benefit from Annie’s insights to achieve personal and business breakthrough through her free webinar. Find out how you can apply 3 simple steps to enhance your own Exceptional Personal Value in 2021:

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As a valued customer of K Beauty, you will also receive a free 30-min coaching (worth $2,500) from Annie on how you can surpass yourself and achieve your New Year resolutions. Register now!

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