How quickly can you actually see the effects when use the top of the line Pico Laser? Eliminate scarring, removing freckles and spots, whitening, tattoo removal and more! Let Instructor Janey introduce our Pico treatment!

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Dear Customer,

At the start of the year, K Beauty introduced a new US FDA approved enLIGHTEN Pico laser device into our lineup. Since its introduction, it has been a favourite among our customers with superior spot removal capabilities. It can also eliminate scarring, shrink pores, removal dark pigments and tattoos. Even hormonal spots which are notoriously difficult to remove can be easily handled by this treatment. Have a look at what Merva (Million Dollar Round Table Team Manager) has to say about this multifunctional top of the line laser treatment device.

Trial Price:$1,780

Customers can also inquire more about《enLIGHTEN Pico》treatment by giving us or call or contacting us via WhatsApp.

📌Treatment conducted by Instructor Janey
📌In case of any conflict, K Beauty reserves the right for the final decision

Solving Merva’s spots, allowing her to recover her flawless skin!

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【“Refer a friend” Promotion】
Get a whitening laser treatment for free!

From now till  30/6/2021, for each successful referral from existing customers (eyebrow, eyeliner, lips and hairline semi-permanent makeup) with purchase(s) of HKD $2,500 or above, you will receive a free Laser whitening treatment valued at HKD $1,280, with three months validity from the date of purchase. The more you refer, the more treatments you can receive for free!

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【Rosy Lips.June‘s Promotion】

Everyone knows that one lipstick 💄 can bring along a whole new look 👩🏻. That is why lip colours are integral to ones overall look. Some women naturally have pale lips. This could be because of a relatively frail constitution or poor circulation. Some celebrities had their lips turn dark purple due to the excessive use of lipstick. That is why K Beauty’s is offering our Semi-permanent Lips treatment. To help you recover that rosy tint and keep you looking young and full of energy even without makeup.

Offer Price:$1,680/ 1 Treatment

📍1 time colouring
📍Keep you looking young without makeup
📍Fix natural dark pigmentation

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【Tracy Ip’s Designated Instructor— Instructor Joi】

Professional laser pigment removal; No damage to skin or hairs; Achieve instant fading or colour change from red to grey; Correcting discolourations, uneven brows and drooping brows; Majority of our customers see results within one session!

《Korean 4D Combo Poweder + Microblading Brows》

Offer Price:$5,380

Includes brow design, one initial colouring and one refill
(Original Price: $7,800)

《Korean 3D Microblade Brows》

Offer Price:$4,980

Includes brow design, one initial colouring and one refill
(Original Price: $6,800)

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❗Inner Growth Institute’s New Website is Online❗

As a parent, you would always want to your kids to be smart 📖 with a wide variety of interests and hobbies ⚽🎹. Our experience with handling numerous parents and children has taught us that if a child is talented in his/her area of interest, it would be easy for the child to stay active in that respective area. Therefore, discovering a child’s inborn talent is key. Dermatoglyphics is a combination of Genetics, Neuroscience, Psychology and Statistics. It utilises fingerprint patterns to understand a child’s inborn talents, personalities and learning styles. This allows us as parents to provide a better environment and aid the healthy and holistic development for our children. 😎✌🏻

📅Date: 23rd June (Wednesday)
📅Date: 21st July (Wednesday)
🕖Time: 7pm to 9pm(2 hours total)
📅Date: 28th June (Monday)
🕖Time: 2pm to 4pm(2 hours total)
🏫Location: Room 503, Grandmark, 10 Granville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon
💰Fee: $680(7 spaces)

(Participants can receive a free 15min speed fingerprint reading by our very own celebrity Dermatoglyphics specialist Rose Chan/Rosewoon (Valued at💲800)
Class 👩🏻‍🏫 will be taught by celebrity Dermatoglyphics specialist Rose Chan and our experienced international talent and dermatoglyphics analyst Janey Chau.

Learn more about Dermatoglyphics!

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